The Imago School
A private Christian school in the classical tradition

Experience Imago

Why Imago?


Imago is one of few Christian schools in Massachusetts providing classical education for Kindergarten through 8th grade.



Experience Imago

We invite you to visit The Imago School. Once you enter its hallways, you will notice several things. First, there is generally a hushed atmosphere and healthy order when classes are in session. The students and staff at Imago take learning and teaching seriously. Children are instructed from a very young age that they have been endowed with minds and gifts by a God who desires that they use them for His glory.

The opportunity to learn is a privilege they ought not to take lightly. For this reason, many Imago students have gone on to post-graduate academic success. At Imago activities are infused with a love and a zest for life. Thus, we take recess, Phys. Ed., and less academic pursuits equally seriously (or joyfully!). Drama, the visual arts, musical pursuits – these too are encouraged in the Imago student. In addition to these scholastic and artistic pursuits, an atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness, humility, and honesty is reinforced, and a consistent Christian work ethic encouraged; all of which stem from our deeply-held Christian faith. Please, come and see for yourself.

The Imago School seeks to give a strong education to each student while recognizing that each one is endowed with his or her own unique identity.

Imago is Different

The distinguishing feature of The Imago School from other local private schools is that its desire to educate a child well is rooted in its Christian foundation. Guided by the crucial belief that every child is created in the image of God, The Imago School seeks to give a strong education to each student while recognizing that each one is endowed with his or her own unique identity.

As a result of this principle, we seek to impart an essential corpus of knowledge all the while encouraging the imagination, creativity, and even physicality of each pupil to flourish. The Imago School is also not parochial, meaning the school is not under the auspices of any particular church or denomination.


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For its students, Imago’s strengths include a strong academic program, a serious approach to character formation, and a nurturing, warm, and structured atmosphere in which a child finds security and assurance. For its parents, The Imago School provides a community of believers who are like-minded in their desire to inculcate in their children the truths of the Christian faith while receiving a solid, thorough education.

Christian school, Classical school

We approach our educational goals from both a Christian and Classical perspective.

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