Sowing the Seeds of Wisdom and Virtue


Exceptional Teachers

Full-time staff and associate staff members of The Imago School are academically as well as spiritually qualified to assume the vital position of godly models and mentors. The retention rate of our staff is exceptional, reflecting their commitment to and contentment with the institution which they serve. We welcome you to set up a time to visit classrooms and to meet with our faculty.



High Quality Education

The Imago School emphasizes a traditional education with particular stress upon the basic skills of reading, oral and written composition, and math – all of which supply the mind with the basic tools of learning and reasoning. History, geography, literature, and science form the School’s essential subject matter, for it is through these disciplines that children learn to respond intelligently to the world around them.

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Intelligent Faith

At Imago we are endeavoring to put into practice a philosophy of education which begins with a Biblical understanding of the child as created in the image of God. We seek to guide children toward a true understanding of themselves and the world. We believe that those whose minds have been trained and informed by a good education are well-equipped to grasp and communicate God’s revealed truth. For us this understanding is centered in the reality of God as the Creator of all that exists and the source of all truth.

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