The Imago School
A private Christian school in the classical tradition
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We help parents raise children of character who are

articulate, bold, compassionate, & discerning.

Step into the age-old classical Christian tradition, one of the fastest growing movements in education today.


Raising kids is hard enough. A school should support you.

Technology is taking the place of teaching.  Information processing is valued over thinking, understanding, and wisdom.

Kids are exposed to too much too soon without a solid foundation to stand on, without deep roots to support them.


Enter a School Community.

Imago is a school community of like-minded teachers and families who are committed to raising children of character who more fully display the Image of Christ that God intended for them to bear.

Our students are immersed and rooted in the classical Christian tradition which has been handed down to us in God’s Word and in the great canon of literature, history, science, mathematics, and art.

Educating children for over a generation and a half, we have seen how a classical Christian education, during the formative years, provides a solid foundation that leads to a lifelong passion for learning and seeking after Goodness, Beauty, and Truth.


Make a choice. Join a community

Partner with like-minded families who are on the same journey.