The Imago School Faculty

Daniel Burbeck- Headmaster

Daniel Burbeck has been involved in a wide range of educational arenas for over 15 years including tutoring and outdoor education with “at risk youth,” high school classroom teaching, and for 8 years teaching and mentoring at L'Abri Fellowship in Massachusetts and in England. He is the husband of Marta and father of three children (two Imago students and one future one, God willing).   He has been with The Imago School since 2015.

Linny Dey, Co-Founder and Dean Emeritus

 Miss Dey and her co-hort Judith Ward founded and led The Imago School for 36 years.  In 2017 they retired and handed the school off to new leadership.  Miss Dey is still involved as a member of the board of directors and a mentor to teachers at The Imago School.

Speaking Engagements

Linny Dey is available to speak to local mom or church groups on topics related to child-rearing and education.

Possible lecture titles include:

  • Cultivating Attentiveness in the Digital Age of Distraction
  • Rearing Confident Children in an Age of Fear
  • Rearing the Right Kind of Individuals in an Age of Individualism
  • Shaping The Heart’s Desires
  • The Care and Feeding of Your Child’s Imagination
  • Rearing Virtuous Children in a Celebrity Culture
  • “Eustace read none of the right books…” C. S. Lewis on Reading