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The Imago School Winter Fest 2018- Report

The Imago School Winter Fest 2018

By Maisie Farrow, a seventh-grader at The Imago School

Winterfest has been a long time tradition at the imago school. For as long as anyone can remember the week before winter break has been packed with fun and games and a certain amount of silliness. There is something to suit everyone with a different activity every day; no one gets bored. This year throughout the week before winter break we did a variety of different things from ice-skating to funky arts and crafts and an entertaining movie to wrap up the week. There was also the annual Imago Olympic Games near the beginning of the week, where the whole school participated in a mega relay race with seven different activities.

On Tuesday afternoon arts and crafts were held individually in each classroom. Each parent volunteer tought and desiigned the craft for the specified class. Some classes made delicate jewelry hearts while others made funky marshmallow guns.

Iceskating WF 2018.jpg

Everyone had fun during the ice skating event on Wednesday, whether it was their first time on the ice or they were doing spins, it was enjoyable for everyone! Some people were playing ball and whizzing around the ice while others were helping the little ones around.


wf 2018 olympics basketball.jpg

The Winter fest Olympics were held on Monday this year, they consisted of five teams that each contained twelve students and a teacher. All the teacher's names were jumbled around for to make it fun For example Mrs. McKee was changed to Mrs monkey! The teacher's name usually influenced the team name as well, Mrs. McKee's team were named the ferocious monkeys! Each team divided the roles needed to complete the race. There were quite a few but the two most difficult were the backward basketball and eating fluff and crackers whilst whistling. The winning team had a big advantage when Ben put their basketball in backwards on the first try! Everyone else was struggling with that activity. Even the losing team had fun as the event ended with everyone eating chicken with waffles and maple syrup, a Southern treat introduced by our new Headmaster, Mr. Burbeck!

To finish the week, the first through sixth grade watched a film with freshly popped popcorn and drinks while the seventh and eighth grade went bowling in Acton at the Bowladrome. Both are excellent ways to wrap up a fun week before vacation starts.