2016 Upper School Trip: Day 4

The forth and final day of the Upper School trip to New York City featured a visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), a picnic lunch in Central Park and a tour of the U.S.S. Intrepid.

The Met boasts an incredible collection of paintings, sculpture, installed facades and ancient artifacts from all over the world. Spanning nearly four city blocks, one could easily spend a week working through its several hundred rooms. Before sending the kids off to explore on their own, Miss Dey walked us through several sections, highlighting and relating particular pieces to their studies. Her knowledge and passion for history and art is invaluable in these moments.

We were fortunate to be visiting NYC during Fleet Week, a time when many active military vessels dock in the harbor. We saw dozens of service men and women throughout our four-day visit. Several students sought out opportunities to thank them for their service as they passed, an important tradition being passed down to this generation.

The U.S.S. Intrepid is a retired Vietnam war era aircraft carrier that has been transformed into a permanent sea, air and space museum. It has over a dozen military aircraft on the flight deck, including a special exhibit that features the Space Shuttle "Enterprise", a prototype that was used for atmospheric testing. The hangar deck is filled with interactive exhibits and history. Lots of really cool stuff.

We had a great time in New York City, traveling all over the place to keep everyone engaged in a productive and healthy use of their time. While we enjoyed lots of laughter together, the upper school trips are designed to gain tangible experience with some of the beautiful things God has enabled people to create and produce. It also provides an opportunity for growth through limited independence and responsibility. Everyone was always on time. Most of them rose early and finished breakfast before the adults. Some of the boys even ironed their clothes without being asked. That's part of the culture of Imago.