2016 Upper School Trip: Day 2

Day two of the upper school trip to New York was hot, packed full of experiences.

Thomas Edison National Historic Park

We started with a wonderful tour of the Thomas Edison National Historic Park in Orange, NJ. Seeing firsthand how Edison worked was inspirational. Learning about the rise and fall of Edison's phonograph technology was a valuable lesson in economics, technology and marketing.


Lessons Learned

Our tour guide, Carrie, provided a lot of great context as we toured the city. We learned many silly and practical things:

  • the economics of taxi cab medallions, the difference between yellow and green cabs and the economic impact of Uber.
  • that not just anyone can perform music on the street.
  • how dog owners tend to look like their pets.
  • how to spot a movie shoot in New York City.
  • how to park cars in tight spaces by stacking them four high.
  • the "proper" way to jaywalk and the importance of staying together.
  • how to enter a turnstile and not get hurt.
  • that you need to pay for your food at the deli BEFORE you eat it.
  • that some people make a living letting you hold their pet snakes and taking a picture of it and that it's probably NOT the best career choice.

As we walked we stopped periodically to perfect our count-off system to make sure we didn't loose anyone.

Central Park

We had a nice walk through Central Park, providing a bit of shade from the heat. We watched someone try to row a boat backwards, listened to a family "busking" under the bridge and watched Mrs. McKee handle a python around her neck. Just a normal day in NYC. 

Fiddler On the Roof

The second day finished with a classic Broadway show, Fiddler On the Roof. The production was spare and thoroughly engaging.