The Imago School
A private Christian school in the classical tradition


Anna C.

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I graduated from Imago in 1995. My entire elementary education took place at Imago in the Shattuck Street location. My time at Imago was happy, joyful, fun, and full of goodness. I have so many wonderful memories of Imago that it is difficult to pick out just a few. I recall enthusiastically performing in the Reformation play and the musical each year. I remember competing with Nate Daman for the math chair in 8th grade (and not winning it!). I remember the estimation jar, poetry memorization and nature walks in fourth grade. Fifth grade brought on the enjoyable challenge of achieving an A grade in Miss Dey's history tests. I remember watching the lessons being written in chalk on the board and learning to take proper notes. 

After Imago I attended Trivium school for three years, graduating in 1998. Imago had prepared me for high school to such an extent that I skipped freshman year. In my senior year, I studied independently and went to Indonesia with a former Imago, missionary family to help tutor their two youngest children. It took me several years to find my direction after graduation and in this time I worked, attended a six month DTS with YWAM, and thought about at least three or four different career paths! When I finally did settle down, I studied for a degree in International Business, Finance, and Economics. I graduated from The University of Manchester in England in 2005 with a first class degree. After graduation, I was offered a place at the University of Cambridge to study for a Masters degree in Economics. This coincided with becoming engaged to be married to the wonderful Benjamin Cooper. So, instead of further academic study, Ben and I were married in October of 2005 and I went on to work at a hedge fund in London as an investment analyst on a high yield trading desk. 

 I have been fortunate enough to live in England for nearly 14 consecutive years. Ben and I have been blessed with two daughters, Grace and Maggie. We currently live in the English countryside in the county of Wiltshire. The beauty of the countryside will always amaze me. There is something truly wonderful about the way the passage of the seasons is marked in the changing fields of linseed and wheat. After so many years in England, I have acquired a British passport and a British accent much to the amusement of my long standing Imago friends! 

I gave up full time work in London when my eldest, Grace, was born. Life is full and rewarding. As a stay at home mother, I am able to indulge my interests in gardening, cooking, interior design, and country pursuits. My love of academic learning still lingers, however. From time to time, I contemplate going back to school for graduate study. I attribute this love of learning to my years at Imago. 

I now appreciate how unique Imago was and still is as a school. The small class sizes fostered friendships that I still treasure today. One great childhood friend became my sister-in-law. Another great friendship is now 30 years strong and more like family. My time at Imago was rich and fulfilling. Imago certainly taught me how to think well, to write analytically, to coherently argue a point. At no point in my education afterwards did I encounter as fine a teacher and thinker as Miss Dey. So much of what I learned at Imago carried me all the way through university. Imago was not only academically rich. Imago also instilled in me a love of things greater than myself. Imago was filled with teachers and students who loved and appreciated great artists, writers, composers, and thinkers. In showing its students the great works of the past, children were encouraged and inspired to broaden their horizons. Perhaps most importantly, Imago was filled with teachers who loved the goodness and beauty of God and who sought to share this with the children. My love of Imago can be summed up in two memories: Lessons & Carols and Miss Dey's history tests.