The Imago School
A private Christian school in the classical tradition


Liv B.

I attended Imago from 5th to 8th grade and graduated in 1993. After Imago, I went to Trivium in Lancaster and then Hillsdale College, where I earned a BA in History with a Music minor. While at Hillsdale, I got to study at Oxford and travel in Europe a little. From 2001-2, I taught at the fledgling Imago Upper School and took the students on a class trip to England with my dad, Pastor Hintze who came along as chaperone and expert on all things.

After marrying Brandon Booth, I taught and tutored in Texas and Missouri. We have recently moved to Midland, TX where Brandon volunteers full time as the Associate Executive Director of Worldview Academy, a Christian academic leadership camp for high schoolers. We have been traveling the nation with Worldview every summer since before we were married. This summer, Worldview celebrates its 20th year of training students to think and live in accord with a biblical worldview. We have a camp in New Hampshire; check it out at

Some happy memories from my Imago days are diagramming sentences in grammar with Miss Dey (yes, I enjoy that), failing every Miss Dey history test I ever took (happy because I ended up majoring in History to balance out the universe), sledding at recess at the Shattuck Street location (so many bloody noses!) and Winter Fest with Jean Louis le Duc (don't tell Miss Ward!). I remember creativity, silliness, big questions, big music, big joy and the feeling of entering in on something I could be proud of. Imago taught me how to learn, how to live, how to work, and how to play.

Between summers of travel and training teens, we live on the Triple L (Live, Labor, Learn) Ranch in Midland with our 5 children (yes, we had a bunch of babies along the way), 3 dogs, a retired horse, 11 chickens, a rooster named “Cake” and Junior the Turtle who travels with us all summer in a plastic shoe box. He hasn't yet complained.