The Imago School
A private Christian school in the classical tradition


Lillian W.

I graduated from Imago in 2007 and attended Littleton High School, graduating as Valedictorian in 2011. I then went on to Worcester polytechnic institute, class of 2015, majoring in Robotics engineering and mechanical engineering. I was involved in the Christian Bible Fellowship, Women in Robotics Engineering, and Rho Beta Epsilon (robotics engineering honors society). I also had the great honor of being awarded the Salisbury Prize in 2015.

I was just hired at DMC in Somerville, MA 2.5 weeks ago as a Systems Engineer in the automation group. We are engineering consultants, so people call us in to program their equipment to run automated processes. My project right now is a small scale test facility at a power plant. You can see my employee bio at when it gets put up in the next few days!

I moved to Watertown right after graduation where I live with my college roommate Sara Beth and whatever WPI friend stops by that day.

I love cooking and baking and sharing meals with people and I'm planning to get a sewing machine so we can decorate our apartment. I also recently found out that there's a maker space in watertown with a 3D printer, so I'm excited to get back into that. I'm still looking for a church to be involved in in the Boston area and I'm hoping to find a good young adults group.

As part of an effort to stay in touch with Imago I recently helped with an 'Hour of Code'. I brought in some mindstorms Lego robots and helped with a robot cup stacking game, and it seemed like a big hit! I'd love to do that again.