The Imago School
A private Christian school in the classical tradition


David O.

I attended Imago School from about 1992 to 1999. I had the pleasure of experiencing the Littleton location, with the hill and the woods, before finishing my last couple years in Maynard.

I have a lot of fond memories of Miss A pulling my loose teeth and I’m pretty sure that I remember her teaching me how to read. I also recall a lot of hardcore sledding in Littleton (including being fully run over by a tube while making my way back up the hill on foot), a full solar eclipse (possibly 1994?), and being fascinated by geography in 4th Grade with Mrs. Hoffrage.

The yearly visit from Jean-Louis leDuc is a highlight, and I have definitely made myself a snack of maple syrup, snow, and pickles within the last couple years.

History class with Ms. Dey in 5th and 6th Grade was my absolute favorite. I think that I knew at that point that world history would somehow lead me into whatever path my life was going to take.

After Imago, I went to high school at Trivium School and Nashoba Regional High School. I then went on to Gordon College, where I studied History, with a minor in East Asian Studies. Just as Ms. Dey had led me to believe, studying History turned out to be the key to understanding the complexities of geography, politics, philosophy, art, science, and religion.

During my senior year of college, I finagled an internship in the Asian Export Art department at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem MA, and after I graduated in 2008, it turned into a fulltime position. I am currently a Collection Manager at PEM, and my position focuses on the planning and execution of exhibitions. On a daily basis, priceless objects of world art and history from institutions and private collections around the world physically move through my hands, from Dutch and Flemish master paintings to rare Native American artifacts to contemporary art such as Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests.

I married my high school girlfriend Leah Grimaldi in 2009. She is an artist (painting, drawing, and sculpture) and a preschool teacher. We enjoy travelling together and running/cycling/boxing/etc. We have two handsome pets, a cat and a rabbit. We hope to someday raise children that are well travelled, well read, and well educated at schools like Imago."

(In the video above, David is in blue pants and a white shirt)