Cassandra W.

I graduated from Imago in 1998 after attending for all 8 years of lower school. From there my family moved to New Hampshire so I could attend a Christian high school. It was a tough transition for me as I had spent so much of my life with all the same kids and teachers, but I eventually settled in and did very well.

Imago fostered in me a love for the arts and a gift in music. I started performing in first grade in the role of “Baby Bear” in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Each year I participated in Reformation Plays and many other performances. When I went on to high school my father created a drama club just so I could continue to perform. When college time came I knew there was only one thing I wanted to do with my career: perform!

I attended Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Christian college on the ocean in West Palm Beach, Florida. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Theatre, and I met my husband there my senior year. I am now married and just had my second child. I am thrilled that I was able to cultivate a talent for the theatre while at Imago that I still use to this day. I am a professional actor in Charlotte, NC and I have been blessed with many amazing roles and have won awards for excellence in acting. I spent two years of my adult life teaching dance and drama in middle schools both in Florida and North Carolina. Imago taught me great things about art and music, and grounded me with language and history knowledge that carried me very far. I am grateful for the faith based learning and the love that was poured into my life by each one of the staff and teachers. I am still in contact with the friends (who are more like family) that I spent 8 years of school with and have so many fond memories of building forts in the woods in Littleton and Winter Olympics in Maynard. In searching for schools for my own children I can only pray that I find a place as special as The Imago School!