The Imago School
A private Christian school in the classical tradition


Jonathan G.

I joined Lance Cole, Nathan Crighton, and Tommy Hoffrage in January 1986 for the second half of sixth grade and remained until we graduated in 1988. Lance, Nathan, and I then went to The Stony Brook Christian Academy on Long Island where I completed the first two years of high school. I finished up at Bromfield in Harvard. Over the next nine years, I worked and earned my B.S. in criminal justice from Northeastern University. I then made the best decision of my life and married Caitlin Henrickson, also an Imago graduate. We moved to Michigan so I that I could attend law school at Ave Maria Law School. Early in my legal career, I became a prosecutor for the Department of Homeland Security where I have happily remained. Caitlin and I have now been married for fourteen years and continue to live in Michigan, a state we have grown to love, where we are raising and educating our five children in a peaceful hamlet outside of Detroit. 
I'm not sure I have a favorite memory from Imago days. I remember the teachers' amusement at my expertise in crafting run-on sentences. (I toyed with the idea of doing this recollection in a single sentence). I had great fun running around in the woods during recess and learning to love learning in, of all places, Latin class. I do know that I wish I had more of these memories--two and a half years at Imago was not enough. Children, particularly young children, need to be be raised and educated in an environment that is, above all else, love. That was Imago during the short time I was there. Caitlin and I are so thankful for our time there and pleased that today Imago continues to educate another generation in God's love and in the wonders of his amazing universe.