Anya R.

I graduated from Imago in 2006
and attended Acton-Boxborough Regional High (class of 2010) and Tiffin University in Ohio (class of 2014) for my Bachelor's degree in Forensic Psychology - a passion that was fostered at Imago back in third grade when I was encouraged to read my first Nancy Drew book. After devouring those stories, I was exposed to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, and so many other classic novels about mystery and the understanding of human psychology. I can't thank the teachers at Imago enough for noticing this interest and urging me to read harder books that both challenged and nourished my mind.

Throughout my high school and college career, my Imago education was constantly revealing its value. I left with an incredibly strong grasp of grammar, writing, critical thinking, and fundamental studying skills. I became the designated proof-reader in all my research courses and was hired by the university to teach grammar after hours to struggling freshmen. I can guarantee that the only reason why I was so highly qualified was because of Imago!

During college, I interned for the Superior Court and Child Protective Units of the Middlesex County's District Attorney's Office in Woburn and later for the U.S. Marshals Service in Arlington, VA. After graduating college, I worked in New Hampshire on Scott Brown's Senate campaign to get some experience in politics before moving to DC. Since moving to Washington in February, I work for Bracewell & Giuliani's Policy Resolution Group as a Strategic Communications Assistant, which basically means that I am a member of a public relations team. Though this job is not in my desired field, I love working for PRG, supporting our clients, and interacting with industries of which I had very little knowledge beforehand, like energy, manufacturing, and international relations. Despite this enjoyment, I plan to have moved on to a career that is more relevant to my degree and interests within the next few years.

I've recently moved into an apartment after spending the last few months in more temporary housing, so that's reason to be thankful! I was so fortunate to have found an incredible friend group within days of moving to the city and I am having a wonderful time exploring adulthood with intelligent, supportive, and like-minded young people.

I will be continuing with my love for choral singing with the Congressional Chorus and it's smaller Chamber Singers ensemble this year. This passion was fostered at Imago with Mr. Weibley and continued through my high school and college careers in choirs, musicals, madrigal singers, and bands.

My favorite Imago memory is definitely being in the musicals and plays at Imago. I was a fairly shy performer back then, but I still looked forward to music and drama classes, rehearsals for Lessons & Carols, chapel performances, the annual musicals, and graduation. I really appreciate that Imago, while providing such an incredible academic education, still stresses and encourages the arts.