The Imago School
A private Christian school in the classical tradition


Elizabeth O.

I was lucky enough to spend my entire elementary education at Imago.  I can still remember walking into Miss A's 1st grade classroom on orientation night with my 3-pack of tissues thinking that this was the coolest place I had ever seen. The friends that I would come to make in that classroom are those that I have kept to this day. Imago set the standard not only for my education, but for how I would conduct myself throughout high school and college.

I graduated in 2006 with a class of 12 of my closest friends. We had survived everything together from Mrs. Hintze's Medieval Feast (twice) to memorizing Lessons & Carols songs in record time. After Imago I went to Nashoba Regional High School where I suddenly became a small fish in a big pond. I took comfort in the fact that I knew who I was academically and I felt prepared to tackle any assignment that was handed to me. I think the best thing I learned at Imago which I took even to college with me was the ability to take notes. Miss Dey showed us how to take diligent and effective notes that were sure to give us an A. I can't remember how many times I was thankful for that when I was in classes with teachers who spoke fast and piled on the reading assignments.

I always felt that I had a special bond with Imago. While I was there, my brother was also a student a few grades above me, and my sister and two cousins were in the grades below me. My aunt worked there in the office along with my older sister.  My grandfather had also started teaching math there at the time! (And still is!) I spent 8 years surrounded by my blood family as well as my school family. By the time we graduated in 2006, my classmates and I were as close as any family could be.

After high school I attended Gordon College where I received my bachelor’s in Psychology and Neuroscience. I participated in the Orientation Staff for Gordon after my freshman year, and competed on their swim team my senior year. I currently work as an office administrator/bookkeeper for my brother-in-law’s business and hope to start working on a degree in business this coming year!