The Imago School
A private Christian school in the classical tradition


Denise K.

I began Imago in the pre-first program and was one of the few who had the opportunity to be part of the Imago High School. I graduated from the Imago school in 2002.    After receiving my high school diploma from Imago, I attended Regis College where I majored in Psychology and graduated in 2007. Shortly after that I married my husband, Benjamin.  I was also blessed to receive the role of step mother to his two children.   God and my growing love for children led me to work at Nashoba Learning Group, an out of district school placement for children on the autism spectrum.  At Nashoba I had the pleasure to teach a number of great individuals and was given a heart for those with disabilities. At the end of my seven years working at Nashoba Learning Group I started to pursue a masters in Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis at Bay Path University which I am still currently working on. In addition to studying, my husband and I have been blessed with two little girls, making our family a family of six. We also have many pets and raise chickens, turkeys, goats and a pig.  We enjoy being outdoors, hiking, kayaking and spending time together.  

Recently I have been overwhelmingly blessed to take on a position as the Kindergarten teacher at the Imago School. This has been such a blessing for a multitude of reasons.  To start with, Imago is such a truly unique and precious find. There is no place like Imago.  Looking back I am truly grateful for receiving an education there. The things that stood out to me the most were the Christ like love all the teachers displayed in their own unique ways to all of their students and passion for teaching all things good, beautiful and true. This model, all wrapped in faith, taught me many important lessons for life.  Hard work, persistence and determination are essential.

 Another blessing that has come from this new venture is that my daughter has the opportunity to attend this great school. Having her in an environment where she is surrounded by love and that is centered in faith, rich in the classics and all things good, beautiful and true is more than I could ask for.  Academic excellence while building strong character is another attribute of an Imago education that I admire. Lastly, I value the emphasis on teaching children to think logically and critically rather than just teaching rote facts.  

There are so many memories I have of Imago but one of my favorite memories was the Thanksgiving feasts where we would all dress up as pilgrims and Indians and the entire school would spend time together. Imago was a crucial part of my life as a child and helped shaped me into the person I am today.  I am so happy to be back home at Imago and contribute to others being able to have an Imago education.