The Imago School
A private Christian school in the classical tradition



Benjamin is a recent graduate of Imago who is currently a home schooled 10th grader enjoying a broad range of academic and recreational pursuits. Like all of our alumni, we are so thrilled to hear about his love of learning and, more poignantly, his love of passing on those skills to others.

Benjamin graduated in 2014 and has used his brief time since 8th grade to study for and pass 5 AP exams(with scores of 5 on ALL!) as well as study 5 foreign languages including Classical Hebrew and Mandarin. He has continued his study for Latin and has twice scored 100% on the National Latin exam. In his spare time he enjoys tutoring 2 Chinese speaking students in English.

Benjamin plays several instruments including the bagpipe and the natural horn bugle. He puts these and other skills to use when participating in reenactments as a redcoat and in serving as a living history interpreter for the Minuteman National Park.

At home, Benjamin is an active participant in household work and chores as well as joyfully participating in the care of his 8 year old brother who has Down Syndrome. Benjamin credits his time at Imago with increasing his social confidence and group skills; his parents were thrilled to see him transform from a shy, hesitant participant in early school plays to a confident male lead as he reached the Upper School. Both they and Benjamin were grateful for the athletic opportunities, including soccer with Coach Cushing that afforded him the chance to be an enthusiastic team member while broadening his horizons through sportsmanship. His experience singing with Imago has also carried over to his life after 8th grade as he now makes a point of learning bass parts to songs his family sings in church.

A favorite recent experience of Ben’s has been putting to use his education in language and phonetics, fostered by teachers at Imago, that already allows him to earn a wage as a tutor. His work with younger students learning English has been doubly rewarding!