Looking back, a celebration of Columbus Day

In 1992, as the world marked 500 years since Columbus' famous voyage, Imago students released 500 red and yellow balloons in commemoration. Were YOU there? (I was!) Pardon the quality of these pictures, originals have been tucked away for a while!

I spy an Alumni of the week in this one!   

I spy an Alumni of the week in this one!


Happy Columbus Day, all!

"But if one judges civilizations by what they have taken from and what they
have given the world, a non-jaundiced observer--say, one of the millions in
Central Europe and Asia whose eyes are turned with hope toward
America--would surely bless the day Columbus set sail. " - Charles Krauthammer, 

"Christopher Columbus: Dead White Male"- Time, May 27, 1991; reprinted in
"Things that Matter"